The Big Secret

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Young Magicians unite!  
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 No action is too big or too small!  

  "A must have for every parent"
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"Beautiful and Positive"
"All kids young and old"
"Enlightened and Inspiring"
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Mom's Choice
"A fabulous resource for every parent facing those inevitable questions about
Santa Claus."
Is this the year to share the rest of
the story with your child?
The Big Secret: 
The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus
by D. W. Boorn

     Let's face it, kids talk.  And there comes a time when they're going to start talking about Santa Claus. They grow old enough and hear enough from friends to begin questioning magic, questioning Santa Claus and questioning YOU. 

 Is Santa real?  Is he not real? 

    As a parent, how DO you approach this very delicate subject?    

 The Big Secret 
The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus

is an award-winning solution to this inevitable parenting challenge. 

"With The Big Secret, 
the awkward conversation all parents dread can be looked forward to and, indeed, celebrated as a rite of passage.  An irresistible and instant classic no parent should live without! Why didn't this exist sooner?" 
"Boorn’s debut children’s book brings the legend of Santa Claus to life through clever interpretation, alluring illustrations and skilled storytelling. Beautiful illustrations, reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts, strengthen the sweet message. A book that families will look forward to revisiting each holiday season."-KIRKUS REVIEW  
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"Excellent for the whole family!"
"A great addition to our bookstore!"
"Best Christmas book ever!"
Receiving the 2014 Reader's Favorite International Book Award Gold Medal for Best Parenting book of the Year,  Silver honors from Mom's Choice Awards and appearing on the cover of Publisher's Weekly, The Big Secret "teaches everything" but allows your child to control when he or she is ready to get the information. By choosing to read the entire book, he or she becomes a member of The Big Kids' Club and all is revealed in a wonderfully positive way.
  Christmas magic is redefined as good actions children (and adults) perform and the transition from believing to understanding becomes a very positive experience for the whole family. With each page beautifully illustrated and the message kindly and directly told, this feel-good book leaves everyone looking forward to the next time The Big Secret, The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus is pulled off the shelf to add a new member to the Big Kids' Club!

Will this be the last year your child believes in Santa’s magic or the first year he creates it?

​Magic IS real!  You will believe too!
 The Big Secret 
The Whole and Honest Truth About Santa Claus
 Is Santa real? Is he not real? 

 As a parent, how DO you approach this very delicate subject? 
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